For that once in a lifetime photo shoot, couples flock to Benny Ang to capture their most beautiful moment for their bridal photos. With more than a decade’s experience in bridal photography, Benny’s disarming charm help sooth the nerves of anxious brides, and help put a smile on the most camera shy groom in front of the camera.

Benny’s journey into photography began in his youth, as he was fascinated with the camera’s ability to preserve moments, and he soon picked up a camera and captured anything that fascinated him. He was inspired by a photographer who took beautiful photos of celebrities, but decided instead to pursue bridal photography as it can be even more challenging and rewarding.

Since he set up “Benny Ang Photography” in the year 2000, Benny ran a tight schedule to fulfill his obligations to the couples who sought his vision in conceptualizing their wedding photos. Some of his most memorable shoots happened during destination weddings held in places such as Australia, Bali, Prague, Vienna, Sri Lanka and the States. And when he is not photographing brides, Benny is often busy doing wedding advertorials.

Benny continues to be driven by his desire to capture timeless moments of weddings, preferring the classical approach of defining the special moment and capturing the fleeting expression over chasing the latest trends in photography. A wedding is meant to last for a lifetime, and so should the bridal photography. It should withstand the test of time, and the images should look more special every time the couple revisits them.